July 18, 2024

St Cyprian’s School, in association with the SCS Uvule Fund, has established an internship program for talented young people of color who are passionate about education and committed to growing in the profession. Our promise to our students is
“We teach not for school, but for life; we train not for time, but for eternity ”.
We extend this same promise to our aspiring interns.

If you are under the age of 24, are currently working towards, or are ready to begin, a pre-preparatory bachelor’s degree, or, in the final stretch of your bachelor’s degree with an eye toward your PGCE, we’re excited to know from you. We offer a maximum four-year onboarding program, subject to the stage of study you are in, which includes:

Tutoring and guidance from experienced teachers.
An immersive inclusion in everything related to school
A generous stipend
Applications, including a certified copy of your registration certificate, a detailed CV, and the names and contact details of two arbitrators, along with a motivation letter, should reach Ms. Sulochnee Nair via the address listed at continuation.
Start date: July 19, 2021

St Cyprian’s School is a proud, independent school committed to equity and belonging, embracing and promoting diversity. We have a strong anchor connecting our Anglican tradition, values ​​and heritage and we are a welcoming place for all religions.

It is from this framework that we grow and hone purpose, intellect, character, and agency in our students.

Closing date: 21 / May / 2021

Send your CV to nairs@stcyprians.co.za

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