July 18, 2024

Diploma in Security Management (NQF Level 6)
Commercial Engineering Certificate or Blasting Certificate with Certificates of Mining Proficiency

Leadership Development Program (LDP) or PDSA Security Officer Development Program or equivalent.


Must have a minimum of 5 years of safety management experience in the mining or construction industry.
Computer skills (Proficient in MS Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
Valid driver’s license
Willing to move if necessary

Industry-specific operational risk assessment and management process exp.
ISO 45001: 2018 management system implementation maintenance exp.
Experience in conducting internal workshop / site inspections and participation in HSEQ management system audits

Knowledge and experience in managing emergency preparedness and response in the mining and construction sector
Knowledge and experience in C-MIRM operational risk management in systems development and implementation
Knowledge of the industry and related legislation and standards.

Communicate safety-related programs and standards changes directly to departments through personal OPCO-level interactions.
Provide technical security expertise to help departments assess and manage material risks and implement controls.
Perform compliance inspections and in-depth audits of material risks and critical security management systems.

Act as a security advisor for the OPCO team.
Initiate, lead and enforce the security management process.
The strategic thinker provides leadership in establishing the safety function performance levels with the HSEQ operational objectives.
Develop teamwork by participating in a group
Technical knowledge skills in emergency preparedness; Safety, occupational health, safety compliance assurance, occupational health and risk of safety materials

Communicate effectively at all levels (communicate with group leaders, operational management employees at all levels who understand
Manage the execution of activities, that the security function is responsible for ensuring the OH&S system, security management system, incident prevention
Investigations described by the MHSA Regulation, using the Company’s process.
Perform the responsibilities of the Director of Security as described in the MHSA regulation read with all the provisions

All responsibilities, relevant legislation, policy, guidelines, linked to the activity, responsibility and schedule that are described in the safety part of the SST – Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) of the ISO 45001: 2018 standard.
Write and manage the annual security budget.
Plan, schedule, control inspection programs, monitor compliance with programs.
Write mandatory monthly reports for submission to DMRE and the group’s safety leader.

Perform incident accident trend analysis and develop safety interventions to mitigate unwanted events.
Schedule monitoring of execution, incident quality, accident investigations, corrective action plans, and closure of actions taken
Carry out inspections in high-risk areas with security officers, compliance with the components of the Security Management System. Give guarantee on inspection

Responsible cost saving ideas.
Conduct monthly security officer meetings to ensure security management system performance and compliance.
Respond to the main regulatory instructions in-company with the OPCO team.
Involve internal external stakeholders Safety related issues, support operation Safety
Reporting, monitoring, evaluation, auditing Make sure security reports are aligned with standards, guidelines and schedules.

Evaluate performance against established strategies, frameworks, systems, identify program, advise on improvement opportunities to provide assurance to HSEQ Manager, Safety Leader.
Participate in the process to identify, assess, classify security risks to promote risk-conscious security and security risk mitigation and provide this as input into the ERM program.

The identification and analysis of security risks contributes to the design of systems implementation programs to mitigate the risk and prevent reducing the loss of the operation’s assets.
Safety, health and environment: model behavior that is consistent with t Company
Management team work, establishment and planning
Evaluation of personal effectiveness, advice on the review of rewards and recognitions;
Talent pool planning development


Send your CV with the relevant qualifications to: lindy@elohyim.co.za


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