July 18, 2024

(1) Believe in yourself.
(2) Stay cool, calm and confident.
(3) Don’t play with your expressions; keep a gentle smile on your face.
(4) Take permission before entering the room (May I come in Sir?)
(5) Your voice must be strong, clear and audible.

(6) If the interviewer shakes hand with you, then it’s OK otherwise just say greetings Sir (Must).
(7) Don’t shake hard very firmly/hardly; be well mannered in hand shake.
(8) Don’t sit on the chair unless he/she tells you to sit.
(9) Don’t stare at the roof and walls, keep focus on the interviewer.

(10) Sit with your legs straight, don’t sit with cross legs.
(11) Your back must be straight, don’t sit in a relaxed manner.
(12) Don’t sit with both hands holding each other. Keep them apart.
(13) You will be asked to introduce yourself, prepare your introduction.
(14) Answer in the same language in which the question is asked.
(15) If you are not sure about any answer, say “sorry Sir”, avoid guessing.

(16) Always give the close-most answer to every Math related question. Don’t skip it.
(17) Look into the eyes of the interviewer while answering to show your confidence.
(18) Don’t shake your head or move your hands while explaining.
(19) Do not laugh if he tries to crack a joke. Just smile.
(20) Personal questions will be asked, don’t get angry, keep your cool and answer with logic.

(21) Don’t play with your dress, tie or shirt.
(22) Show patriotism and determination.
(23) First think, and then answer. Don’t give the answer instantly because that will be considered a guess. Take your time even if you know the answer.
(24) If you don’t know the answer, still take your time, and say sorry. Don’t say sorry instantly.


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