July 18, 2024

Location: South Africa
Closing date: May 14, 2021

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program currently offers scholarships to South African students who wish to pursue their Master’s or Ph.D. in the United States. The program is available for:

South African students pursuing their PhD. Successful candidates can undertake up to 9 months of research (without degree) at a US university as a visiting research student or VSR
Graduate students pursuing their Master’s or Doctorate degrees may apply for a scholarship, renewable each year for a period not exceeding 2 (two) years.
Scholarship coverage

Travel and transportation allowance from South Africa to designated US destination.
Installation allowance
Monthly maintenance costs (covers living expenses)
Tuition and other fees
Allowance for computers and books
J-1 visa sponsorship

Be a South African citizen or have a permanent residence status for at least 5 years; SA citizens with dual U.S. citizenship are not eligible
Applicants without a degree or VSR must be registered in a PhD study at a South African university
Master’s degree applicants must have completed a four-year bachelor’s degree or B Tech degree, or a three-year honors degree.
PhD applicants must have a master’s degree
Preferably the first time you receive a Fulbright grant
Applicants with limited or no experience coming to the U.S. Preferred
You must hold a doctoral degree or an equivalent professional / terminal degree in your field.
Applicants with strong college teaching experience / productive transcript will have an advantage
Proficiency in English to carry out the project and perhaps assessed by Fulbright offices as required
Be in good health and able to present a medical history and examination report.
Previous applicants can reapply; be sure to review the application and purchase up-to-date reference letters.

Eligible applicants will need to register their profile and complete an online application form using the link below. All supporting documents must be submitted through the online application system. In addition to the required documents, be sure to include the following:

A polished research proposal with a clear methodology that a general review committee can understand
Three confidential reference letters to be uploaded by the arbitrators themselves through the online application system
An invitation letter from the host institution in the US is highly recommended, but not a requirement
Click the link below to access the profile registration page and application form.



For information not covered by this announcement, please email:

Pretoria: fpsa@state.gov
Cape Town: fpsa@state.gov
Johannesburg: MothianeM@state.gov
Durban: KnowlesSD@state.gov

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