July 15, 2024

Bus Driver
Grade R Teacher
Group 5 Teacher
Music Tutor (FET Phase)
Art and Technology Teacher (Intermediate Phase)
Grade 2 Teacher
Intermediate Phase Teacher
Group 3 Teacher
Maths Core and Maths Literacy Teacher (Grades 8 to 12)
EGD and Technology Teacher (FET Phase)
Technology and Robotics Teacher (Intermediate Phase)
Creative Arts (Grade 8 to 9) and Visual Art & Design Teacher (Grade 10 to 12)
Visual Arts Subject Head and Creative Arts Teacher (Grades 8 to 12)
Aftercare Supervisor
History Teacher (Grades 10 to 12)
Geography Teacher (FET Phase)
Mathematics Teacher (Senior Phase)
Nursery School Teacher
Grade R Teacher
Grade 1 Teacher
Foundation Phase Teacher
Class Assistant
Group 4 Teacher
Grade 2 Teacher
Senior and FET Phase Head
Afrikaans FAL, Social and Natural Sciences (Intermediate Phase)
Maths and Sciences Teacher (FET Phase)
Hospitality Studies Teacher(Grades 10 to 12)
Chess Coach
Group 5 Teacher (Nursery School)
Foundation Phase Teacher
IT onsite Technician
Business Studies Teacher (Grades 10 to 12)
Subject Head: English HL (High School)
Estate Manager
Group 4 Teacher (Nursery School)
Mathematics Teacher (GET & FET Phase)
Registered Nurse
IT and CAT Teacher (Grades 10 to 12)
Afrikaans FAL Teacher (Intermediate Phase)


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