July 15, 2024


Mulalorakh Careers is a certified platform where we publish employment and careers opportunities  to all age groups, experienced and inexperienced, with or without matric, post graduates and under graduates just to mention a few. Our target group or target market is everyone who is unemployed and looking for an opportunity to enhance their lives also those who are employed but wish to or  want to improve their lives anyhow. We publish employment opportunities that are proofread and verified to be true and legit and we bind ourselves under the oath which is  to serve unemployed and employed  individuals with dedication, loyalty, and modesty. We connect individuals with more than 20 000 companies everyday available in and around South Africa just so we could curb  unemployment rate which is the main issue especially in the youths of South Africa.


It’s hard to network employment opportunities that are legit as an unemployed individual, Mulalorakh Careers go extraordinary and extramile in making sure that unemployed and employed individuals get connected with legit employment opportunities every day. Our main mandate is to put a smile on someone’s face every day as they are getting employment opportunities and get hired by the companies of their dreams. We converge our superior marketing skills and network legit employment opportunities because we aim to form an alliance between employment and  unemployment rate.


To transform individuals from being unemployed to being employed, we’re promoting a better life for all. Transforming people’s lives is what brought up the idea of inventing our employment opportunities platform. We aim to transform people’s lives.


Mulalorakh Careers provide equal and advanced employment opportunities for all individuals who are unemployed and those who are employed but looking into enhancing their lives.


We bind ourselves under the oath which is to provide a tangible and reliable service to our individuals. Their satisfaction is what brings about a journey which keeps  us  going forward and change their lives in a better perspective.